21 November 2013

Quilling in Somerset

So, last Saturday I ran 2 workshops in Yandles, Martock in Somerset.

I had 9 ladies in the morning for 'Quilling for Beginners', some stayed for the afternoon, some didn't but were replaced by new recruits so we had 8 ladies for the afternoon workshop which was 'Christmas Quilling'.

This is half of the morning group.  Everyone made a small shape sampler to practice forming coils in to teardrops, marquise, star etc.

You can probably then see on the table that project 2 was a snowflake card which was good to make using a few basic shapes.

The third project which everyone finished was a quilled frog which is mainly made of marquise shapes but in different lengths which is good for showing how to size projects.

This picture shows the other side of the table and the ladies who stuck with me all day!
(One of whom was my first teacher at primary school!!).

They were a very quiet group which they put down to concentrating.

In the afternoon they made a Christmas card which incorporated some shapes we hadn't used in the morning including ring coil, holly and fringing!

Everyone completed the card and some even started (& finished) a little filigree heart Christmas tree too.

This is the card:
I was very impressed with everyone else's fir cones as mine were cut a little too finely (a habit as I like small & fine things) but they actually looked much better with thicker fringing.

I also made a couple of variations of this card with a Christmas rose, a tapered candle, alternate side looping and a different way of adding yellow to the poinsettia just to show how you can change a card.

Everyone took away lots of finished projects and enjoyed themselves so a successful day all round for spreading the quilling word!

I also handed out my last few copies of print overruns of Quillers Today (with a membership form of course) to inspire everyone along the way.

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