14 April 2013


And here is the sheep!

Diane Boden from JJ Quilling makes some adorable eyes on animal cards and I don't have the knack and didn't have time to master them this week.

I'm afraid I resorted to google eyes which look a rather weird colour in this picture.

This little chap was shown to us by Diane at last years shared ideas day, then shared on our exclusive blog before being published in the latest Quilling Guild magazine.

He is made from ring coils (strip of paper wound round a pen/tool or dowel) which are cut in half before being stuck to tissue paper.
Paper has been crinkled before being rolled in to a coil for his face and ears and some loose coils for his hair-do!

We had several successful sheep at our guild gathering in Somerset today and I will rustle up some more pictures for tomorrow of other items I made.

I may also have come across a potential Crafty Bunch project on my adventures this weekend - so watch this space this week if you are an interested party!!


  1. Oh Jill how cute is he absolutely adorable!

  2. Aaahh! he (or she) is adorable - now I see what you were planning for those coiled bits I spotted recently. Look forward to seeing the other photos from what must have been a super weekend.

  3. He's absolutely adorable Jill although with that hairdo think he should perhaps be a she! Intrigued about the project....shall wait with baited breath.

    Karen x