15 April 2013

Butterflies & Flowers

The second and final part of my recent familiarisation with ring coils!

Again, these were shown to us at last years shared ideas day at the Quilling Guild AGM and this month are featured in our fabulous Guild magazine.

I forgot that when I started making ring coils for these projects Val from Aquarius wondered what I was up to and I said it would make some sense eventually - as she mentioned yesterday she gets what I was up to now!

This butterfly is made with 4 full ring coils which were wrapped around my glue pot (with a separate supply of glue to hand I might add!).

They are then filled with a selection of filigree shapes and tight coils.  I have to say that I very much used Jane Jenkins ideas for shapes - I will be more adventurous next time.

Body is a marquise shape with antennae stuck to it.

The flower uses the same sized coils and is once again filled with a selection of shapes and a fringed flower is added to the centre.

These were also quite popular at the weekend and certainly something different.


  1. A weekend well spent I'd say - these are gorgeous and very pretty. Much as I like them the sheep wins for me but then I have a quirky sense of humour.

  2. these are really pretty, you've inspired me, so expect to see something very similar on my blog shortly!!