5 April 2013

Fuchsia Anniversary 2!

I have actually done some quilling this week - hooray!

I have made a few samples as I have been demo-ing quilling today and will be back tomorrow.

I made a fuchsia from Judy Cardinal's Quilled Borders & Motifs book which has been very popular.  As my first request of the day was for an anniversary card (which I didn't have) I quilled some more and made them in to this card.

I had many admirers of Jane Jenkins lovely three dimensional creatures today - especially the frog which always wins in the popularity vote and many people still wondering why I had some chocolates stuck to cards - at least they are realistic.
I did have some in an actual chocolate box and a work colleague took some convincing that they were really made of paper - so well done to Diane Boden for coming up with such a crazy idea!

Hoping for a few degrees more in temperature tomorrow as today wasn't the best for sitting in a draughty marquee!


  1. WOW! just beautiful Jill.

  2. Beautiful card Jill...I see the sun is shining but its still not warm so hope you're nit too cold today


  3. This is really pretty and looks even better for real

  4. Oh wow, this is gorgeous quilling artwork. So elegant. Popped over from Jose to come and have a look.
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