7 November 2012

So busy!

Not quite made it back to blogging yet as far too many things this week that don't fit in to the available days.

I held another 2 Quilling Workshops last weekend which were a repeat of the snowflakes I did last month.  I had 9 lovely ladies and they all had a successful time, especially the complete beginners who really didn't believe me when I said they would take some completed quilling home - it was lovely to see their amazement when they completed a snowflake card - some of them even got a little adventurous too.

Sunday was a trip to the Sincerely Yours show in Taunton where a few more things I didn't really need had to come home with me.  It was quite a social too as being local I met several crafty friends and through various courses or just turning up too much I know some stall holders to chat to as well.

Off to a Craft Fair tomorrow - amazing how many cards I have when I rustled them together - not including all the partially finished cards & gift boxes I keep finding.  Mulled Wine & Mince Pies, along with 26 stalls, available at Long Sutton Primary School for those in the vicinity.

I shall return at the weekend with some pictures from the chaos of this week!

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  1. They do say it is good to be busy but some times it gets a bit too much!! Have a good craft fair.