19 November 2012

More doodling!

To complete the Zentangle story from last week are my final samples I made for Crafty Bunch.

Anne sent me the stamped images that were going to be handed out to everyone and I had another doodle whilst looking through a couple of Zentangle books, trying to use different patterns.

Some of them got a bit too detailed but I do have a habit of doing things a bit fiddly.

The dresses contain quite a few patterns so I just used one pattern in each wing of the dragonfly.  The top one contains 4 different patterns, the bottom one I have made more symmetrical with just 2.

Each of the sections of the body contains a different doodle though!

The cards could of done with a bit of doodling round the edges or corners but because I stuck them together the night before it was a bit late - maybe next time.

I was quite excited a while ago after first trying Zentangle that I found a pack of multi-coloured fine liners (I might of forgotten about) which I thought would make some lovely coloured cards as Elizabeth over at her lovely blog said she has tried.

Needless to say this trial is still on the long to-do list!


  1. Fabulous card Jill and my favourite has to be the dress....I think the girls loved having a go at Zentangle...


  2. A great selection of tangles in these designs - addictive though isn't it?? Had a lovely time on Saturday - hard work though keeping up!!