20 November 2012

Extravaganza Update

Just a quick post today.
As eluded to several weeks ago this is a picture of all the goodies we made on Jenny's fabulous Christmas Stampin' Up Extravaganza.

Now everyone at Crafty Bunch has had their day I can share this for anyone else to see what we made.
It was an action packed day!
Firstly we decorated a tin and then made 6 cards to go in it (2 each of 3 designs).
Then we decorated a box and made 4 mini cards & 4 tags to go in that.
Then we decorated another tin and made the lovely wall hanging in the middle of this picture - isn't it great.

The stamp set is 'Chock-full of cheer' and potentially looks uninspiring when you first see it but Jenny came up trumps and we made some great goodies and can now make many more as we get to keep the stamp set.


  1. It certainly was a fun packed day and lots of lovely projects made, and you are right Jenny made this stamp set look so inspiring....


  2. You are right about it being an action packed day and I know what you mean about the stamp set because I wasn't inspired at first. That soon changed once jenny had shown us the lovely projects though.

  3. It was such a good day Jill and well done on keeping "mum" about the projects.......although I'm so glad she wasn't there to get all the prizes!! lol Just joking....... Can I ask why you didn't have time to make the album as well??? hehe

    Karen x

  4. What a lovely collection. You did have a busy day.
    Jose x