23 September 2012

Quilled Snowflake Cards

As promised, the sample cards I made for my workshops yesterday.

They are 4x4" cards and I die-cut some matching backings with an x-cut nesting die which set the blue & turquoise snowflakes off nicely.  I used punches for the red snowflake.

I had some beginners in my classes but also some ladies who had mastered the basic shapes so I added some filigree shapes 3 of the cards.

The blue snowflake uses tight coils, teardrops &  marquise shapes.  The turquoise one incorporates some 'p' shapes, the red one some filigree hearts and the last one 'feelers'.

I made 3 of each card so everyone could see one 'for real' in front of them - I like to see what I am working towards if there is a specific target.

I also had other Christmas designs if anyone wanted to try something else and had some examples of snowflakes quilled in 5mm and 10mm paper which look lovely hung on a Christmas tree.

The beginners made some lovely cards, even with some variations to the patterns (so many combinations of these shapes are possible), my Japanese visitors cards were beautifully & finely quilled and Val over at Aquarius blog did a grand job and finished a third card for homework!


  1. Lovely set of quilled snowflakes Jill..great to have your overseas visitors in your class and I am sure everyone had a lovely time


  2. Giving us the matching card for our snowflakes was a really nice touch - thanks.