20 September 2012


Just passing again!

This is one of the pieces I made for the regional table in the previous blog post.

The fruit bowls and contents were based on                 patterns in one of my quilling books (slightly buried as I type this but I can let anyone know if required!).

The bowls were solid coils, pushed out to form the shape and covered in glue so they stayed in shape.
Apples, oranges & grapes are also a selection of tight coils.

The basket was also based on an idea in the same book and involved graph paper and latticing.  The handle was plaited.

The basket is then filled with carrots which did create a bit of interest at my last demo when I was making a few.  They are made from 2 tight coils, one pushed right out for the 'body' and a little one (slightly smaller) sat in the top.  Leaves are trimmed pieces of 10mm paper.

To scale this picture, the carrot bodies (excluding leaves) are less than 1".


  1. Jill these a fabulous and so small....real pieces of art...


  2. These look good enough to eat - gives a new meaning to 'baby carrots'.

  3. Wow Jill - these are stunning pieces.....bet it blew their socks off!

    Karen x