22 September 2012

International Quilling Workshop!

 A couple of pictures from one of my Christmas workshops in Somerset.

A slightly daunting prospect for me today because Shiro & Noriko from Japan came.

They came to the UK last week to visit the Quilling Guild AGM and are staying in the country for a couple of weeks.  They saw my workshop advertised on the Guild website and asked if they could come along.

Their work displayed at the AGM was fantastic and I have only just read that Shiro is in fact a Fellow of the Quilling Guild.

Sue also came along who is one of the other Guild local contacts for Somerset.  I had 2 absolute beginners and 3 other ladies who have done one workshop with me before.

I provided some Snowflake card options, as well as other Christmas options if anyone wanted to have a try at something else.

Today's beginners took to it brilliantly - you can see the hard work in this picture!
It was lovely to see Shiro & Noriko's work in action up close as their quilling is quite fine and so neat.  Everyone took away at least 2 snowflake cards and wants to come again.

After a quick lunch and a tidy another 8 ladies turned up for the afternoon session - apologies but we were so busy I forgot to take a picture (some of my blog visitors may be relieved to know that).
More snowflakes and keen quillers so a very successful day.

I will add pictures of the cards tomorrow.  Thanks for popping by.


  1. Your ladies certainly look as if they are enjoying your workshop and how lovely to have 2 international ladies with you.....


  2. One lady and one man Anne!! Shiro is a very skilled gentlemen quiller.

  3. The afternoon workshop was greally enjoyable - glad you forgot to take photos!! You certainly had a busy day and the snowflakes were great.

  4. Wow Jill - were you shaking in your boots? I certainly would have been with a Fellow of the Guild and the other two "experts"...... I would have loved to have seen what they achieved at the end of the workshop but having seen Val's fantastic work they must have been outstanding! Well done Jill - I'm sure you're proud of what you've achieved.

    Karen x