15 May 2011

Winnie the Pooh

And for this weeks commission!
A lady that visited a demo I did last year took my details and recently asked if I could quill a Winnie the Pooh for her friends birthday.

This is done by choosing an outline picture and putting it on a cork board covered with some cling film. It is then a case of quilling shapes and literally 'colouring' in with them and glueing them together as I go. For this I also used some thick black paper strips for outlining to give him a good definition.

I estimated it would take about 6 hours, it took nearer 10 and used just over 400 quilled pieces in yellow and red!

To finish I mounted Pooh on some matching colours of card and added a greeting as requested - Pooh also came with a little butterfly.

Now to try and refine some things to quill for next weeks workshop, I don't think cards that take 10 hours will go down well!


  1. Wow that is amazing - it wouldn't do for all our cards to take that long to make would it??

  2. I just loved your work <3. May i know the size of Pooh.:)

  3. This is an A5 card to give you an idea of scale.