4 May 2011


Still not been very crafty but took this picture after my last demo of a selection of flowers 'quilled' using the Cuttlebug and X-Cut dies.

It is obviously cheating but sometimes a bit of that is ok. The dies cut out various sizes and shapes of petals which you then coil up like a traditional fringed flower (there is also a fringing die which seemed to be quite popular).

I think the daisy is a favourite, the more pointed petals weren't as easy to handle but if they appeal to people and it introduces them to quilling then it can't be too bad.


  1. Welcome back to blogland - those flowers make a colourful display. I'm all for a bit of cheating with the fringing and the dies are a cheaper option to the little fringing gadget which is quite expensive I recall.

  2. Hello Jill and welcome back...what a lovely selection of flowers they make a pretty dislpay..


  3. These flowers are lovely - even more so when you see them "for real". I don't think it's cheating by using dies........ anything for an easy life eh? lol