7 November 2010


Had a lovely relaxing week at Center Parcs. One of the non-sporting activities you could book was a Jewellery workshop one afternoon so felt obliged to have a go!
It was lovely and relaxing.

We had a lovely choice of necklaces and fab packets of beads, it was really hard to make a choice and I have many more ideas logged away now for the beads I already have at home!

I chose this necklace as it was a bit different to anything I already have with the 3 'dangles' at the bottom. The example necklace had clusters of beads on the wire but the beads I had left didn't lend themselves to this so well but it is something I might try with another experiment. The main string are lots of seed and tube beads in different colours, with a few swarovski crystals now and again for a little sparkle!

Just some little ear-rings to match, they could of been more elaborate but I don't wear many dangly ones.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and lots more ideas on the list for if I ever get any time!

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  1. So pleased you had a good time away and I see you managed the jewellery workshop. I really like what you have made - very nice.