27 November 2010


A special card I made just as my finger was giving up the other week - now going in the right direction but still can't use my right-hand properly which is a bit of a xmas card disaster!

This card is another 8x8". I cut out the bootie shapes and used an iris folding template to make a blue and pink bootie for the twins. To these I added a little punched tag and added names with teeny peel off letters and matching bow.

To make a Congratulations big enough I cut out letters using my Impress machine in silver and layered the message through the middle of the card.

I used a punch on the corners of the card to finish off which was then layered on some silver before mounting on the base card. A teeny gem in each corner too for a touch of sparkle.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea for a twins card - iris folding is something else I've not done in a while. So many techniques and so little time!! Pleased to hear your finger is getting better albeit slowly.