25 September 2016

Winning Quilling

My next update has some quilling that I have actually done myself!

I'd had an idea in my head for a while and started this a few months ago.  I lost a chunk of time to being ill and considered saving it for another time but it was getting so close (a bit too close as I was still making grass the night before the competition) that I entered it and it didn't fair so badly.

I've just realised when I took this picture I forgot to put the little sign in front of it which said Mr McGregor's garden - spot the rabbit!

Because I had more in my head I wasn't 100% pleased with this as I considered it unfinished but I'm growing to like it more!  I had hoped to have some garden utensils and a watering can etc but it's amazing how long everything takes.

This is the back of the shed!

A view from the front.  The entire piece is made from paper, even the base.  I've also used 2mm paper for everything except the fence and raised bed - one of the reasons it won for intricacy.
I also to have to thank the ever amazing & slightly bonkers Diane Boden for inventing fairy dust that I used for the grass and soil - I was making it to the last and there still wasn't really enough.

I have come away very inspired to try again with something next year though.


  1. Wow - what can I say, this is fantastic and many congratulations on the certificate. I know you like 'intricate' but this has certainly taken it to great lengths. How about a winter scene with snow instead of grass?? Spotted the rabbit - or at least his rear!!