20 January 2016

Decorated gift book

Well, a super evening - not that I didn't have enough to do but I got tempted to try the first franchise of Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club that has started in Sherborne at Butterfly Bright - visit Jennie's website here.

Tonight we did Zentangle which is sooo relaxing - I'll share some pics when I've finished some modules!

What I can share today is a gift I made my niece for Christmas.  She loves all things stationery like I do so I decorated a book for her and added some matching paper in the pen.

I'd forgotten about the black elastic to hold the cover closed until I'd decorated it but nearly got away with it!

I've got a few of these and it almost seems a shame to use them!!


  1. Love your little book Jill and I am sure Maisy loved it
    Look forward to seeing your zentangle


  2. What is it about stationery that grabs us eh?? This is a lovely gift. Great to hear you are zentangling - oddly I've just picked it up again as something to while away the time!!

  3. I've always been grabbed by stationery for as long as I can remember........a trip to W H Smith was always a treat. Love your book and I'm sure Maisie did too. Look forward to seeing your zentangle exploits.


    Karen x