25 August 2015

More Thank You's

Many of you will be aware I am currently assisting in organising the Quilling Guild Annual Display in Sherborne this year (19th September!) so I'm sorry I can't share too much quilling at the moment.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Diane and Tris at JJ Quilling today as on Sunday I realised the white paper I had been using to make a load of pieces was 'warm white' and I had slipped in to using 'ultra white' - both very lovely but not together for what I was doing!
I put in a little order late Sunday night through their great website, it was packed and sent Monday and I received it in the post today - no quilling time lost and I can carry on seamlessly.

If you want to see their more than extensive range of colours (including many different shades of white!) they will have all their paper and goodies in Sherborne.  A must in itself before you admire what can then be done with it.

Anyway, back to a spot of non-quilling.  Whilst making some more cycling thank you cards the other day I remembered I still hadn't shared the second batch I made a few weeks ago.

They were just a different colourway to the first batch but still quite a few cards.
I used the SU Sheltering Tree set again.  I'll share batch 3 next time!


  1. Hi Jill, sorry Ive not visited before to be honest I dont do as much blog hopping as I used to, Thanks for your comments on my Facebook SWS cards. I love your little cards they really are so pretty and just right for your cycling club. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  2. Lucky you noticed it when you did Jill!!!!! Lovely set of cards.


    Karen xxx!

  3. Its amazing how many different cololurs 'white' comes in but sounds like you spotted it in good time....lovely cards Jill