1 March 2015

Blogger advice

Whilst I am busy making some cards I wonder if anyone in blog land has any thoughts on a recurring issue?

One of my valued followers of JillStampsUp has regularly commented and every so often when she tries to a screen comes up - the last one being a Windows Firewall warning - which can't be cleared without restarting the computer.

This doesn't happen every time which is kind of odd but understandably if it does it rather puts you off from commenting again which would be a shame.

Anyone experienced any other screens flashing up when you've gone to comment anywhere?

Any stories or advice gratefully received.

I have a big list of cards to do today and a pile of stamped and punched bits and bobs to assemble so I need to get busy.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jill - not had this experience at all.......the only thing I sometimes get when I try posting a comment is google asking me to sign in (which as I already am confuses me!!!) and then when I get back to the comment form I find everything I've typed has disappeared. That's pretty frustrating but never had the security warning.

    Karen x