13 November 2014

Spreading the word!

I am pleased to report I was out spreading the 'Quilling' word last night.

I was invited to a local WI where I did a little talk on Quilling, a demo and then an optional practical!

I was surprised with how many things I came across when looking out samples that I had forgotten about.  It was so lovely to see them all out that I had to take some pictures.

I don't have room to have any of this out so it was nice to see it all!
There is a selection of items from kits, books, workshops, my crazy head and much inspiration from Diane Boden of JJ Quilling that you will recognise if you are familiar with her work.

I also had to bring out all my tea time items from the recent AGM!

I also had a selection of cards for inspiration but that could be purchased too and had to have a little 'plug' area with supplier details, Quilling Guild info and a poster for next years AGM in nearby Sherborne.

Never too early to put it in the diary!  (19th September 2015).

It was a lovely evening and many of the ladies had a go and took away a little snowflake card.


  1. What a beautiful quilling work especially your time for tea.
    Greetings from a chilean quiller.

  2. Brilliant to see those lovely quilling items gathered together for a photo shoot - shame you can't display them. The sheep framed picture looks intriguing - not seen that one before and the 'picnic' looks good enough to eat but I guess it wouldn't be very filling LOL!!

  3. Absolutely brilliant Jill.........love the framed sporting people and agree with Val that the sheep are fab.

    Karen x

  4. What a lovely selection of projects Jll and like Val and Karen the sheep are great...
    stunning work...