30 October 2013

Wot no view!

Just to finish my hols report before I get back to crafting - after my pics the other day I had to add one of Helvellyn.
We chose a day in the week that had the best forecast for our walk and the morning was beautiful, clear blue skies and a great temperature.

Needless to say heading over the Kirkstone Pass towards Glenridding it was very murky and the cloud was really low over the hills.
We had hoped it might clear but there was a point where we knew it wouldn't and ploughed on anyway.

To be honest if it had been clear at the top there is no way I would of made it along Striding Edge - I'd still be there clinging to the craggy rocks I think even though the view would of been spectacular.

This is me at the top of Englands third highest mountain:

It was a little refreshing for our coffee stop at the top but there were quite a few people (and dogs) up there.

Because of the cloud we managed to miss the turning we meant to take at the top to come back down so came a slightly longer way but the cloud lifted a little as we went down and there was some lovely scenery (it was still cloudy at the top).

After around a 6 hour outing we had a well deserved meal in a lovely cafe in the car park called Fellbites if anyone is ever passing.


  1. Cor Jill, you're game! It looks absolutely freezing up there and the obviously named Striding Edge sounds pretty scary...........! Glad you had a good time though.

    Karen x

  2. Apologies to Val over at Aquarius blogspot, my fat fingers hit delete on the way to publish!
    Val said: So glad you managed to get back 'down south' and aren't still wandering around in the clouds!!