27 October 2013

Stampin' Up Christmas Extravaganza

So, I may do a little more holiday recap another day.
Had a busy few days with cards to finish, my printer was pronounced dead so had to spend some time rustling up another and had to book a little break to accommodate some Commonwealth Games tickets for next year (amongst other things).

Today I must mention yesterday's Stampin' Up Extravaganza with the lovely Jenny.

As I was away for the local version last week myself and Mum went to Jenny's group so we didn't miss out!

For those that haven't seen, this is what we made:

Firstly we made a card and decorated the large box.  Then we decorated the long, slim box which I think is great for a gift (and very reasonably priced) and lastly we decorated the little box and made 3 cards to go in it.

I love the colour combo on all these.

Jenny's days are always very labour intensive but this time we could be a little more leisurely and had time to chat, have lunch and watch the arrival of the bride in the church next to the hall where we spent the day!

We sat with two lovely ladies but they probably won't sit with us again as we swept up the table prizes and also both won on the raffle.  Mum asked me to make special mention to Janet and Val who recently saw her and commented on their improved chances of winning as we didn't go to the local day!
Mum always wins - I was going to stop taking her!!

I got caught this morning in my dressing gown having a leisurely start to the day catching up with some blogs (not quite done everyone yet but had quite a good browse) and sorting through some e-mails.

Could do with a couple of extra weeks in October if anyone finds any!


  1. Those were some good projects and I too liked the colours and the slightly more relaxed working schedule. Congratulations on your wins (and your mum's) - I had no luck in our raffle but did come away with a table prize.

  2. Jenny certainly works hard giving us a brilliant crafting day and what lovely things we made..congrats on your wins too..


  3. Glad you and Heather got the chance to catch up on this brilliant day. It was more relaxed than usual and I think everyone loved the colour combo. So glad you and your Mum didn't come to our earlier SU Extravaganza............it gave us mere mortals a chance to win things! And yes, I won first prize on the raffle and a table prize as well.......hehe. We did miss you both......really.

    Karen x

  4. Hi Jill, wow love the whole projects, love the colour chosen and they will be a brilliant pressies for someone. hugs Shirleyxxxxx