21 August 2012

Colouring in!

A quick snap of the cards I made at a copic workshop on Sunday.
Christmas cards on the hottest day of the year was a little weird!

The poinsettia (apols for wonky background) was stamped using the pens directly on to a rubber stamp which gives a faster and different effect.

Santa was used as a subject because reds can be a little tricky and have a tendency to 'travel'.  It was almost too hot I think for blending as the colour dried too quickly but I will try & perfect the theory.  His jacket is a little unblended but everyone had the same issue.
Santa was coloured using 5 different shades of red, gradually building up the colour.
The ribbon & gems were also coloured using the pens, the background was also made using tape, glitter and pens again!  (funnily enough it took us ages to do this with chatting in between!).

The last cards purpose was 'colouring in gold' and uses a combination of pens which give a golden effect without just using a metallic pen.  I wasn't as sure of this image to start with but have grown to quite like it - another one to practice - had to buy the stamp obviously!

Have counted my copic pens after the course too - another £700 should finish the set!!! What have I started?


  1. Looks as if you had a good day despite the heat - good luck with your ongoing collection of Copics!!

  2. What a lovely selection of Christmas card Jill and all beautifully coloured...are you going to own up to just how many pens you have now???