12 April 2012

Quilling Demo

I have finally put some samples together for this weekends Quilling Demo.

This is a sample of a few, I have since stuck the primroses on to a card.

All the samples are from Pat Greens Quilling Handbooks as the shop has a stash of these in with the quilling supplies.

I will hopefully have some more bits and pieces after the demos.
Fingers crossed for the weather, just heard a large amount of rain outside which doesn't help encourage people out and about!

Now to finish packing - it's worse than going on holiday!


  1. Good luck with the demo, Jill!

  2. Hoping to have a closer look at your samples today - certainly needed to wrap up warm yesterday which is what I failed to do.

  3. Lovely quilling ! Glad I found you !
    Wish you all the luck in the world!