26 April 2012


Here is the result of my last couple of days!
I have had my lovely box of Polychromos pencils for sometime and not really used them much.

When I then saw that Christine & Alison had a Parchment Art master class using them and the subject was Kingfisher and Pussy Willow (two things I am a great fan of) I had to go!

Day one we produced a Pussy Willow piece and then started on a second and slightly different pussy willow branch for this picture.

We then spent day 2 with Alison giving us many demos on how to build up the picture with blending the pencils and using the right colours.
There are some things I would do slightly differently but for a first go I am pretty pleased.
There is only some slight embossing on the back of the willows and then the pencils are used as a dorso effect on the back, blending in with zest-it.

My pencil tin doesn't know what hit it!
Thanks for popping past.