15 February 2012

A New Home

This card is for a crafty friend who is moving in down the road from me tomorrow.

It is stolen from a Julie Hickey idea and is a paint card from a DIY shop!

I came by some more the other day and am disappointed that the new ones had rather too much writing on. This older one left enough space to punch out these little houses and use a decent size strip to mount them on without showing any writing!

Do also pop past Karen's blog to see the lovely card she has made from a similar item this week!

Sorry for the lack of posting - still busy with work and next week's talk & demo!


  1. Great card Jill....

    Good luck with your talk and de,o


  2. I'm sure Debbie will love this card Jill - hope her move goes well. Talk about two minds thinking alike....... did you see my first LIM card this week?

  3. Those paint sample cards do come in useful - I have a stash somewhere - but where??