20 February 2012

Flower Cards

I do hope to get back to some play time with cards soon.
These little cards are for the talk/demo I am doing this week.

The ladies would like to do a practical which is quite an ask in the time but I have put together all the stuff for these little cards.

These samples should be enough to spread around the room and then I get the bonus of adding them to my stock afterwards.

The flowerpot is a little cheat punch but I think we have enough to contend with, especially if the ladies are new to quilling.
All of my cards have 6-petal flowers but will look just as nice with just 5 teardrops.
I have also varied the options on the stems from sticking the paper down flat which might be easier to adding a little glue down the side of the paper.


  1. Lovely set of cards Jill really pretty flowers


  2. Sweet little cards, really must try and master quilling sometime, you always make it look so easy :)

  3. A lovely little project for beginners to quilling - very pretty

  4. Lovely ... hope the demo goes well!!