13 December 2011


Last post for a few days as there are a few too many festive events going on!

This card is made from a new Hobby Art stamp set.
It has been designed like their build-a-scene sets where you can create a picture just using one set.

I stamped Rudolf and the log, then added the Robin and some background snow lines and trees in the distance.
The great fir branches at the top of the card are also in the set.

I must add this is not my idea but one shown to me by Jenny Mayes when I saw her a few weeks ago.

I tried colouring with aquamarkers which needs a little practice and versamarked snowflakes and chalked over them for the sky.

Finished with a touch of glitter, some 'fluffy stuff' for snow and a stamped sentiment.

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  1. Enjoy your festive events - this rudolph is brilliant I just love his ankle warmers