11 December 2011


As mentioned, these are the cards I made for someone for the weekend.

There are 5 of the Molly Bloom shepherds I have previously posted, including one done in more girly colours.

There are 6 of the group of reindeers (run out of little red fluffy noses now though if anyone has any top tips for next year - have resorted to colouring white ones with copics for now!).

There are 3 bauble cards which are an 'up-size' of the card I also posted recently and in shades of blue.

Plus a couple of special commissions which I have hidden away for now!


  1. Goodness me you have been busy - well done. If I think of an idea for reindeer noses I'll let you know in the meantime how about a spot of glue with red flowersoft??

  2. You certainly have been a busy bee...lovely lot of cards . For the noses why not make small faux red brads ...