30 October 2011

Mass production

A couple of days of Mr Blogger giving me the run around there - entirely his fault for not posting for over a week I'm sure!

While on hols recently I did pack a few crafty items to play with (always go away optimistically with thoughts of doing many a thing, never quite pans out).

Turns out hiking up some of the highest points in the country isn't conducive to staying awake in the evening but I did manage a couple of evenings of seeing how many sticky pads I could get through and have had another go this week whilst building up to tidying my mess so I can actually make a Christmas card before the big day.

These are all die-cut images - I used to tell people off for cheating but these have been quite popular sellers in between the more time consuming cards - from a selection of Tatty Teddy, Forever Friends & Fizzy Moon. Couldn't believe I have 40 pyramage & 3D images ready to turn in to cards, seems a little optimistic now!


  1. Good to see you managed to stay awake some evenings to get these all layered up ready for cards - wouldn't like to think of you wasting any time!!

  2. Well at least you have managed to make some toppers...its awful when those eyelids just wont stay up.....