9 June 2011


Sorry - have been meaning to post this all week.
I was very pleased with the first of my two workshops last month and was impressed with how much the ladies did during our time, especially as most were complete beginners.

For 'round 2' I had 5 of the same ladies so thought I knew what we could get through - turns out it took longer than expected!

Anyway, this sampler of flowers was the project we did, designed to use different shapes and techniques in different flowers.

The top row: simple teardrop flower, marquise flower (with mini christmas variation to show how different colours give a different effect), concentric coils shaped in to a teardrop.
Middle row: dart petals, teardrops edged with a contrasting strip (not as clear in photo), solid coils (again with xmas rose variation).
Bottom row: fringed flowers (small, large & with centre), buds, folded roses.

I saved the roses until the end as I didn't want to put people off but we were already way over our time and they were a little scared with them - practice makes perfect though!

Anyway, they've threatened to come back for Christmas quilling so can't of been too bad.

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  1. I'm glad you had another successful workshop - I said you would. This was a great project and covers lots of techniques.