1 June 2011

Italian Iris Folding!

Hooray - another card escaped!

This time for an Italian colleague who was returning home after quite a few months over here - I wish my Italian was as good as his English.

This card wasn't what I set out to do (they never seem to be do they) but I got the chart for this off craftsuprint.com.

The silver/grey card is lovely double sided pearl with an aperture cut at a 'jaunty' angle for the iris folded flag which was really quick to do (don't tell anyone).

The letters are cut with my trusty x-cut impress in paper of the same shade and layered on matching flag colours. Some trusty card candy (matching) in the corners and a red layer underneaath to finish before adding to a silver pearl 8x8 card.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure he will love this card and won't realise it was easy to make!!