30 November 2009


Just a quick report on our weekend away - and a finished project!

Had a very good time in Paignton at a parchment weekend with Christine Coleman and Alison Yeates. I haven't completely stuck this project down in case I decided to add any subtle colouring round the border.

We started on the outside border which took some time. Then the inner border which drove me nuts and seemed to go on forever. After all that work we were then horrified that we had to emboss the rose in the middle. After a 'practice' rose we all went for it and were pretty pleased with the results I think. I certainly learnt alot about embossing and used several tools I had never had before (I do now!!).

Our practice rose then turned into our second masterpiece, with mixed results and much more frustration I think. This still needs to be finished so won't get posted for a few days as I have a few things I really must sort out - although I have had a small go at it since I got back.

I am certainly itching to play with lots now, even though I think we must of clocked up about 20 hours of parching at the weekend, might even of been more if we hadn't had a couple of traumas just before midnight on Saturday - possibly played too long that day!

Many thanks to Anne, Karen and Janet for their company and Karen for the lifts and excursion to Totnes for supplies. We certainly enjoyed ourselves and will always have a giggle at Anne's 'cupboard' and the hokey cokey mints for some time to come I think.


  1. Gorgeous work Jill, not sure I could work for that long on one piece, my eye couldnt stand it, hope I get to see it for real one day

  2. Well done Jill for finishing your project....hopefully mine will be done soon!
    We certainly had a brilliant time and lots of laughs, must say I haven't missed my 'cupboard'..lOl..lOl


  3. That is really pretty and I hear you all had a wonderful time