20 October 2009

Christmas Sheep

I was lucky enough at the weekend to go on a quilling workshop with Diane Boden Crane (of quilled choc fame!). Her designs are always such fun with a bit of a challenge thrown in.

I now have many new ideas to play with some time but have managed to finish one card after the day (there was also a lot of chatting and tip collecting).
The bodies are made of a solid coil, slightly domed and covered in 'sprinkles' which are 1mm strips of paper, spiralled around a thin wire and then cut finely - as you do! They certainly raise a smile, although I'm not sure I can go in to mass production of them yet.


  1. Great card :) so much work... love the mistletoe... Jose

  2. Brilliant - love these sheep. Why not make a whole flock???

  3. Thanks Val - do you realise how long it took to make 2?! Won't be quilling a flock any time soon sadly.

  4. Absolutely fantastic Jill - I agree with Val; you really do need a flock.......... what else have you got to do???? lol