25 October 2009

1st Birthday

Had a bit of a dabble with parchment, pre the 'parching' weekend at the end of November which is getting ever closer!

This card is for my Godson Alexander's first birthday. It is based on a pattern in a 2003 edition of Parchment Craft. Would of liked to emboss the writing as well, but sadly not enough time at the moment. The background piece was quite time consuming with a grid work background which was then embossed and cut out.

Some of the pages were pricked with a crescent tool then cut out, the bookmark also has cut outs in for the ribbon and the number 1 was embossed and the squares from a 4-needle tool cut out. Quite enough to be going on with!


  1. Beautiful card and lots of work but well worth the effort I would say. Enjoy your course.

  2. Great card Jill - and well done for finding the time to practice before we go away at the end of November!!! Think you'll be way ahead of us.........