10 September 2009


Can now have a break from foxgloves! I think everyone enjoyed making their card last night. Everyone finished a card to take home so that in itself is a good result. Even some beginners who had never heard of quilling did an excellent job so pretty pleased with that.

I have a couple of cards to make over the next week but will mainly be quilling bits and bobs to take to the Quilling Guild AGM next weekend so might be quiet posting until after I've had my weekend away at that!


  1. Pleased to hear your workshop went well - I knew it would! Enjoy your AGM and remember don't volunteer for anything.

  2. No fear of that. Haven't really got time to make much to take even but am having a bit of a last minute 'moment'!!

  3. Thanks so much Jill for all your hard work for club - it's much appreciated and all the cards were lovely.