1 September 2009


This weeks next job was a Thank You card for someone at work. The request was quite specific as I had made a 'magic' footballer before. Thanks to Anne and Karen for showing us this at club. I used the Creative Stamping footballer, just with basic layering onto a card stamped with footballs.

Yeovil colours were requested (although a little artistic difference in hoops and stripes on the shirt apparently - but you get the idea!). I just coloured the little chap in my marvy pens. It still fails to amaze me how many people just keep playing with these cards and can't begin to work out how I've made it.
I really must crack on with much more quilling now this week!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Lovely card Jill and Im sure they will be wondering just how the 'magic' works.....but we know dont we???


  2. Cute and clever card - I must fish out my sample one to remind myself how it is done 'cos I'm in on the secret too!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed making it Jill - still always amazes me as well!!! LOL