31 July 2014

Special Birthday

I keep planning to keep up with the blog and life keeps getting in the way - I am officially having a week off from crafting now though but promise I shall be back with some ideas when I've had an official rest!

In the meantime I had a 'special' birthday last week and was lucky enough to have a surprise night away in a posh hotel in Cornwall which was rather lovely.

My friends at Crafty Bunch didn't know what age I was (luckily) and these are the lovely cards I received from them - plus a couple from other friends that had kindly made me a card.


  1. Belated birthday wishes for your special one and how lovely that you were whisked off to Cornwall as a surprise. Lovely selection of cards.

  2. Oh you kept that quiet Jill.......21 was it? lol 😜 What a lovely surprise for your birthday. Hope you have a great holiday.

    Karen x