2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to anyone popping by!

I can't believe all that effort and chaos is over and I'm now back to work!
Had a lovely Christmas though and a well earned rest - a little too restful sometimes but not to worry.

After catching up with all the family on Christmas day we went on a lovely walk on Boxing Day on the ranges at Lulworth in Dorset from the deserted village of Tyneham.  It's a lovely spot and the day was gorgeous (more than can be said for the past couple!!).

We walked 7.5 miles (apparently) and this was later in the walk and a beautiful spot - although the walk then did entail us walking up the hill opposite which took a bit of doing although worth it for the view.

Now to crack back on with some crafting as there is much to be done!!


  1. You were so lucky with the weather on Boxing Day Jill - these photos are amazing.....hope you had something tasty awaiting your return!

    Karen x

  2. Lovely scenic photos Jill and I bet it was so peaceful walking along the top....a little bit different to the weather we are having now!