6 September 2013

Crafting crazy

Back tomorrow with some more pics!

Appeared to have a mental breakdown yesterday :-).
Got a list of crafty things 'to do' at the moment.  Arranged to finish (and start obviously) a couple of things at the weekend to take in to work on Monday for people.  Lovely.  Arranged to see a friend last night then as I was sat eating tea it all came together in my head that I'm not in work on Monday!

So, a cancellation and lots of cross words later and some more projects were re-arranged in the schedule.

A lovely pampered chef night tonight so off to bed now before a Stampin' Up day tomorrow.

I was asked recently how I pack everything in that I do - it appears this week I'm not doing a very good job!!!


  1. I think you must be Wonder Woman Jill...
    Look forward to your next post showing us what you've been up to


  2. Now come on Jill you're not old enough for senior moments LOL!! Hope things calm down and have a great day.

  3. Oh come on now Jill - we're so used to you being wonder woman that this comes as a shock!!! lol Wondered why you weren't demonstrating at Yandles but now I know where you're at today.........hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing all your goodies that you've made (and won????) hehe.

    Karen x