15 May 2013


Finally beginning to feel like actually wanting to craft rather than having to so I don't miss cards I need to send!  Thank goodness.

Started light today by doing a spot of prep for a commission I need to get sorted fairly soon.

You can see this didn't require much technical skill but did need a bit of patience.

Watch this space to see what I magic them in to!
(all 432 of them!).


  1. Sounds like you're feeling better Jill - at last! Well you've got me intrigued.... 432 hearts in 7 colours - hmmmm. Curious and curiouser!

    Karen x

  2. Oh wow Jill, it looks as if youve been busy, Im sorry to hear that youve not been well, I hope you will soon feel a lot better. Take care hugs Shirleyxxx

  3. Patience is a virtue they say - can't wait to see what these hearts morph into!!