8 May 2012

New Toy!

 Oooh, look what the postman bought today!

I did some research in to scoring boards before Christmas and really liked the Scorpal but didn't want to afford both metric and imperial.  The Hougie board, aside from being too bright green even for me, did both measurements but didn't go fine enough for my liking.

When I heard Stampin' Up were launching their board over here I decided that would be a good bet whatever 'form' it took.  I was very surprised (and pleased) when it turned up in the May Mini Catalogue as Imperial down to 1/8th" with a Metric add on board that goes down to 1/2cm - plus there is a diagonal board (having that last one was Jenny's fault!).

It certainly looks smart and I look forward to playing with it very soon.

(I bet there are a couple of followers that also have one of these already!!).


  1. Must say these boards look great Jill but haven't been tempted...so far..lol...lol


  2. Well it didn't take long for you to get your hands on these boards - I've not been tempted yet...the diagonal one is a new idea.

  3. Well this doesn't surprise me Jill.........wonder why! I've got the Scor-pal and the Hougie so wasn't tempted by these although the diagonal one is worth a thought.....