10 January 2012


Happy New Year to everyone in blogland.
I was trying to get a bit more tidy and sorted before I started crafting this year, needless to say I haven't entirely got on top of it.

Apologies this picture is not great but had to take it at night before these chaps got passed on.

I was asked a while ago to make another frog like I had on display at a show. I usually say no because people have no idea how long they take but as it was for a friend I thought I would and as she thought her daughter would probably steal it I made 2!

They are from Jane Jenkins book 'Three-Dimensional Quilling. They use quite a few strips of paper but are so appealing!

Their bodies are solid coils that are pushed out in to a cone and covered with glue to strengthen. These can then sit 'on' anything. In case a convenient home can't be found I made a large solid coil in brown and stuck a mini cone on it so that the frog can sit anywhere to dangle his legs.

They went down very well with calls for more from everyone that saw them.
I have just completed a little project tonight but with Crafty Bunch tomorrow and needing better light to take a picture of it that may have to wait a few days before posting.


  1. Absolutely adorable little frogs...I expect they even lovelier in the flesh


  2. Brilliant, Jill - they're really cute!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous Jill. Don't wonder your friend thought her daughter was going to steal one!

  4. I always wonder why frogs are so appealing but they sure are and these are no exception- Love them especially the dangly arms and legs.