20 September 2011

Quilling Guild AGM

So much inspiration at the weekend. These pics are from the competitions at the Quilling Guild AGM.

Licia from Australia sent over the piece containing the lovely shoes and bag. The base is made up of many squares, each of which contains several a rolled paper strips.

The picture in a frame is always a really popular category and the doggy was this years winner - not only has he got a cute face but he was put together really well by one of our Japanese members.

The other piece was in a category where you can introduce 'non-quilled' components to enhance your piece. The lovely seagull on the rocks was quilled by Philippa and included mini real shells - a lovely piece.
More tomorrow.


  1. These projects are amazing and must have taken many hours to produce. The dog is marvellous

  2. Wonderful projects many hours of work involved and the dog is amazing..


  3. I've only just discovered this post, Jill! Thank you so much for featuring my little sculpture and also the twisted easel card in your subsequent post!
    Kindest regards