11 April 2011

Workshop Pt2

This is the second card from my workshop yesterday.

This features 'ring coils' which are made by winding a strip of paper round something. In this case we used bits of dowel, but any passing pens, pencils, tools or pots can be utilised if they are the size you need!

The rings made for the 2 larger flowers were shaped into teardrops and marquises like an ordinary quilled coil.

The paper was lovely for this project too. We were given some two-tone which, as it says on the tin, is a light shade one side and a darker shade on the opposite, really good for this technique.

This is also a technique I haven't really used before although there was some lovely work at the AGM last year so I must try and use it more.


  1. Perfect Jill, all the shapes are so uniform, but there practise makes perfect I guess, and all your quilling is just that!

  2. This is a nice technique too and the paper sounds interesting and a bit different

  3. Winding them round a dowel does mean you get the same sizes - you could come along to one of my workshops!