19 March 2011

Wedding Pt2

For some reason I couldn't load pics to my blog yesterday so today is a jumbo wedding special! The first picture is of the lovely tables at Ston Easton with my table numbers on which was really nice to see.

The weather turned out lovely in the end for the big day after a very grim start! The 2 cards are one from me and one from some work colleagues I made. The butterflies obviously carry the invitation theme through and are done in the same ivory and sparkly blue card. The pic doesn't do it great justice but there are 2 layers of each butterfly, one in each colour.

The other card is a favourite special one with lots of tags featuring the couples names, date and venue, still all in matching colours.

In a final butterfly hoorah I also made up these couple of presents. The frame contains an ivory printed card the same size as the invitations but just saying 'celebrating the marriage of ...' with all the relevant details as a momento.

The box is a papermania one I have covered (in more of the blue and ivory) and decorated with even more butterflies to use as a keepsake for all the comment cards that I made recently.

I might now have a break from butterfly related cards but am really pleased with how it all turned out and a good day was had by all!


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures - all very co-ordinated and the gifts look great too. I am glad the day went well and good weather always helps.

  2. What a lot of work you've put in. I am sure they were absolutely delighted. Love the colourway.