25 February 2010

Still here!

Apologies for lack of posting. I did scan a card to post last week before I went away but then ran out of time!

I had a very long week at work to try and get on top of things, then have just spent a lovely few days in Cornwall. Need to get back crafting very soon to use a few of the goodies I've found on my travels!

Sorry this card is on its side. I've had the teabag squares for ages after getting them at a show. Some instructions I had called this a 'pentagon' fold, it seems to show off the super hero to best effect.

Then just layered up in rather vibrant colours to match!
Another crafty shopping day before the weekend and hope to get back to more blogging next week.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely bright card and that fold does show off the design on the square very well.